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2020 Vision and The Great Gatsby

Well, here we are. Finally we enter the age where it might be possible for us to appear a little more like The Jetsons, or at least for some of us. With a smirk I realize that the character Jane Jetson was still the prototypical “housewife” in that show, though there was not much for her to do in her own home. On the other hand, George Jetson didn’t do much work either. Mostly they did a lot of complaining about the technological break-downs and how to get them repaired.

Some of you may not know that there is such a thing as a horoscope for tv shows, which can be erected for the date and time they were first aired. For The Jetsons it was Sunday, Sept. 23, 1962 at 8 pm PST. That information was not from my personal diary, but as was stated online. At that time in 1962, the planet Saturn was in the early degrees of Aquarius, which is the zodiac sign most closely related to technological advances. Saturn is the planet most closely related to what sorts of things might become actualities in any given society at any given time, and these “things” would be linked to the sign most resonant with the longer planetary cycles. So, in 1962, along with the first Jetsons episode, the first computer with a removable disk was created while Saturn was in Aquarius.

Saturn makes its revolution around the Sun about every 30 years, and in 1992, 30 years after the Jetsons, the Windows 3.1 computer program found its way into millions of homes, only one year after the internet became a “thing”. By 2022, thirty years after that, and with Saturn in Aquarius once again, we may see a significant new technology enter our homes once again. We already have Alexa, so it might be much more significant than that. After all, we are talking about the Aquarian Age, which is the longest cycle that we can relate to in astrology. Aquarius and Uranian stuff, because of its nature, might sneak up on us and suddenly kick into full drive, leaving us astounded and shocked. Like, “wha’ happened?”

I have been hearing that 2020 means clear vision (it was not me who thought of that). I cannot help but think of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book The Great Gatsby, published in 1925, in which he planted a beautifully hard-to-miss symbol in his book of a very large billboard with a pair of googling eyes looking out through corrective lenses onto the road and the town below. There have been many literary analyses of Fitzgerald’s use of these eyes and lenses, from suggesting that people have varying points of view, to the general commercialism of our era, but the author himself had one sad character in the book say (or think) that these are the eyes of God…staring at him.

As we begin our journey into 2020, and I think it will be a long year. Let us all keep our eye on the prize, whatever that might be for each of us. Think about that. The book The Great Gatsby, as of January 1st of 2020, is now public domain. That means it belongs to everyone, like many things. So, if you want to open up a restaurant or a pub and call it The Great Gatsby, and maybe put a sign out front

with huge eyes looking through some cool glasses, you are welcome to do that.

Also I think we should keep our eyes out for high tech minutia that can slip by our notice, the nanotechnology. That means also using your ears to listen for the mention of any of that. Be aware. Money and what it looks like in a digital age might also be due for a drastic change. Think about how that might work. I will try and write more about the subject of money closer to April of this year. The practical is no longer as visible nor as simple as it once was. There is an inner eye that sees inner things. Perhaps we should practice using our inner eye. It’s all about what we are hoping to find.

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