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Most astrologers today use the word "consultations" to describe what they do.  I prefer the word "elucidation" because the task I've given myself is to shine a light on the subject of you, and I promise that it will not be a harsh or glaring light.  I will share with you what the horoscope suggests about the inherent energies within your life, and how the choice for positive expression will lead to unique creativity.  I will not try to teach you astrology.  I am the translator.  Please know it is important for me to have your correct birth time, preferably from a birth certificate.  Our time spent together will be about one hour.  We can phone or Skype, but any recording is your responsibility.


Introductory elucidation


This is a short 20 minute reading by phone or face-time, etc., in which I talk about what I see in your horoscope and why it is importance to you.  I offer this so that you can discover for yourself if I know what I am talking about, and whether or not I am your sort of person.  If you decide to do a life reading with me, the $25.00 will be deducted from the $150.00.  These sample sessions are not to be used for quick questions regarding your particular circumstances at this time.   Thanks for understanding.

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Life Elucidation

Normally $150.00, now through June for $100.00

A life reading always includes some mention of the dynamics in your early home. I can see these things in your horoscope and I will ask you about them, because they are the foundation of your early feelings which contribute so much to everything you do and all that you are.  I will share with you the astrological suggestions about the challenges and promises within your life, particularly the emotional themes which propel you forward in the presentation of yourself, in your contributions, and in your relationships..  Life-readings include discussion of your current life events and your projected future.

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Astrology ever after


If you already have had a life-reading with me, then you can make an appointment for a session to help elucidate further updates in your journey to continue to choose the best version of yourself.   

In depth relationships


Obviously, most people want to know more about their relationship with a romantic partner, but some people may want to gain a clearer perspective of a parent, or even a brother or sister, to shed light on something that has been puzzling them or hurting them.  There is no privacy law that says you cannot share someone else's birth data with an astrologer. Astrologers are bound by a code of ethics just like therapists and spiritual ministers to not misuse this information or publicize it in any way. 

Other services not listed may be available, such as tutorials for learning astrology.  Please enquire by email!