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Here on some thoughts about my book:

Some of the young astrologers today seem to know that the planetary stories within the horoscope  which describe tensions between planets reflect a special opportunity for growth and development in this life.  Growth requires tension.  Development doesn’t occur without it, whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual growth. I’m talking about aspects between planets which are in conjunction, square, or opposition.   


Astrologers in the past, and some of them even today, insist that tension in the horoscope is a “debility”, and that it cannot be transformed into an asset, that we can only spend our life repeating patterns of dysfunction. The areas of tension which might manifest as weakness or  “affliction”, however, are really the sources of our greatest strength and greatness.


This book presents the story of these tensions in our lives as “emotional centers” which can be viewed closely in the horoscope for greater insight and meaning.  These tensions within us, seen in the “hard” aspects in the horoscope (the conjunctions, squares, and oppositions), hold tremendous emotional energy for us, probably from before the day we were born, even while still in the womb.  Though we have no way of recording or proving the womb experience, we do have the timing of experiences related to these emotional centers after our birth, and continually throughout our lives.


And not only that. There are few, if any, astrologers who know that the key to opening up the source of these emotional areas is by looking at the houses which those planets rule, rather than the houses in which they reside.  Most astrologers might glance in that direction and intuitively understand it’s meaning, but they do not deliberately construct the base of operation for it as anything particularly useful.  However, it is useful, both to for the person who is trying to gain understanding of themselves, and to the astrologer who is trying to be a   facilitator  for that. 


The key to our emotional centers are seen in our early development in life as we each learned it as a child.  These hard aspects point to areas which came under pressure when we were very young. If we want to, yes, we can look at our past lives as well, but why go back that far when this life is the very one we are now living.  


This book includes a somewhat different view of the Lunar nodal axis, though it does not deviate much from the traditional, and only perhaps redefines it a bit to suit this approach of viewing life as an emotional response to how we manage things; for that is what we all do, we manage our life from our emotional point of view, whether we want to admit it or not.  Unless someone is an Artificial Intelligence, as humans we base our actions on our emotional understanding of things.  We may not show our emotions, but we all experience them and quite sufficiently are bombarded with the effects of them.


Our development might be physical, mental or spiritual in life, but really, all three are connected, particularly if one starts at the top with the spiritual.  A person who has spiritual efficacy probably also will acquire optimum physical and mental health for their particular path. Note that I said "optimal".  We each live within constructs of time, place, and circumstance.  We are not all-powerful.


 In this book I refer to the ability to gain awareness of one’s emotional centers as being “soul growth”.  If you are looking for greater mental acuity in your life or the discipline to become physically healthy, the process in this book might also help with that, particularly through self-esteem, and especially if the planetary tensions involve houses which refer to physicality or mental prowess. Primarily this is a book for psychological and spiritual awareness within the use of astrology with a goal towards acquiring greater wisdom.   


Please read my book and let me know if  you think using this process has helped you or might help someone else, or go to the book review section of Amazon and leave a critique  there for people who are considering reading my book.  Thank you so much for you input.