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Here are some thoughts about my book that is written for students of astrology who are already familiar with the twelve signs of the zodiac, the meaning of the twelve houses of the horoscope, and have some understanding of what the aspects between planets mean in the chart. You do not need to be an advanced learner to read and benefit from my book, but you may have to put on your thinking cap. It is not technically advanced, but it will require your appreciation of a psychological perspective.

This book "Emotional dimensions of astrology", published by AFA in 2018, presents the story of the tensions that live within us, and refers to them as emotional dimensions in our lives. These dimensions can be viewed in the horoscope for our greater understanding of our self, and how we are motivated to build on the tensions that live within us. All of these tensions are found in the “hard” aspects in the horoscope (the conjunctions, squares, and oppositions), between planets, or between planets and the angles in the chart. These aspects hold tremendous emotional energy for us, and tremendous potential. They are not something to "get around" or to calm down or overcome. They are there for the development of our presence here on Earth and for the development of our spirits in eternity.  


The key to these emotional areas in our life is in the recognition of the houses which are ruled by the planets that are in hard aspects. The houses in which these planets reside are of course where these functions can most likely find their best expression; but the SOURCE of these tensions and motivations are in the areas of life ruled by these planets. This is nothing new, but what is new is to consider that these two or more houses involved in that tension are areas of life permanently creating tension that demand our attention. These areas in life continually develop TOGETHER, in tandem.


This cannot be stressed enough. The key to our emotional centers are seen in our early development in life.  These hard aspects point to areas of life which came under stress when we were very young. Any planets in hard aspect with an orb of less than 12 years can be considered as developmental. At the age that these planets arrived to exact aspect by solar arc measurement, there was a circumstance in the home which reflected this emotional situation. We felt it. We lived through it. We carry it with us emotionally for our whole life.  If we work at it, we will develop it into something awesome. It is not just something to overcome or even heal. 


This book also includes a somewhat different view of the Lunar nodal axis, though it does not deviate much from the traditional, and only perhaps redefines it a bit to accompany the approach of viewing life as an emotional response; for that is what we all do; we manage our life from our emotional viewpoint.  First we feel, and then we respond. A large part of my book is devoted to the Lunar Nodal axis and how it defines our "place" in this world amongst others.  Our mother-figure influence in the early home is very much what reflects and describes our sense of place and belonging. Any planets in hard aspect to the Lunar Nodal axis (conjunct or square) are going to be especially revealing. The book goes through each planet that might be making contact in that way, and what that means to us in life. The Lunar Nodal axis is both our "top-roots" and our bottom-line sense of comfort and belonging in the world - with our families (our people) and with our greater circle of friends and contacts around us. A good understanding of that will bring a richer sense of self and our connection to others. 


Please read my book and let me know if  you think using this process has helped you or might help someone you know. Or go to the book review section of Amazon and leave a critique  there for people who are considering it.  Thank you so much for you input!

Here is my own mother, who was a very difficult mother for all three of her children, though, yes, she looks very nice here. In my chart I have the Lunar Nodes with Saturn (conjunct my South Node). It was astrologer Noel Tyl who noted that someone with the Lunar Nodes in hard aspect to Saturn experiences the mother as strict, as taking on the role of a father figure, as being controlling. I also have Moon in a square to Uranus suggesting the unpredictability of the mothering, the volatility of it. Bless her heart, as the Southerners say. She is passed on now.

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