Friday Night Live

December 11, 2020


Zoom gathering

Please join us for a live evening hearing about and reflecting on this very special conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, as Barbara presents some of the meaningful associations it has with both the star of Bethlehem and our current alignment with the center of our galaxy, our central Sun. The intent for the night is to minimize the technical details and concentrate on our need to be inspired by this celestial event to move forward with hope in our lives. 

Time will be made for questions and thoughts, and a couple of mini-readings will be given, pulled from those who have sent me their birth data to have a short conversation about it at the meeting.

You can sign up for this event on the Facebook page of The Amani Center.  The registration fee will go towards maintaining a wonderful spiritual center in Cameron Park California where people can gather together in friendship and hope.

This event in Nevada City, Ca., was cancelled last year due to the Corona virus.  It has yet to be rescheduled, possibly for sometime in July of 2021.

Keep your eyes peeled for this

town favorite!


Hopefully I will be present at this event if it is rescheduled to a date when I can attend.  This is a very fun event in a beautiful historic town on the river with many fun shops and eateries. If you can make it here, stop by my booth and say hello, or sign up for a time slot for a quick reading.  I'm very good at getting down to business in under 20 minutes - the business of you! Take a trip to the Sierra Foothills, and give yourself a treat!   





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