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What Mercury retrograde may bring

I came across this wonderful photo by journalist Mario Tama who is a photojournalist for Getty Images in New York. As we watch the news of the caravan of immigrants unfold, all of us hope for the best outcome. The hardest reality is that there is no best outcome. Neither will all these people give up and go home, nor will most of these people be admitted into the U.S. in a timely manner. Some of them are threatening to stop eating until they are admitted.

Just so you know, this is not a political blog. This is only an astrological one, to convey one astrologer’s perspective on how things have gone per the astrology, and how the future may wrap itself up rather quickly and rather devastatingly. I will backtrack just a bit in time to explain, but not overburden you with astrological measurements.

The thing is, that August solar eclipse which took place August 21, 2017 from coast to coast in America was not the sort of celestial event which goes “unfulfilled” in a dramatic fashion. The drama and grandeur of that astronomy is destined to be matched or “answered” by an event equal in drama on Earth. It’s the way it works…as above, so below. It’s been a year and a half since the eclipse. According to one famous astrologer (Celeste Teal), the matching event on Earth will often play out within a year from the eclipse, but it can take up to three years.

So I’ve been watching and waiting, and I think it might be sooner than three years. Astrologers will look for planets to “trigger” the eclipse point. The triggers happen when transiting planets move to “strike” that point. That exact place can also be points which form a cross to it (if that overburdened you, don’t worry ).

The first trigger after the eclipse was on September 5th, 2017 when transiting Mars struck that exact point of the eclipse. On that day (guess what ?) Donald Trump scrapped President Obama’s 2012 immigration policy which provided deferment to people who had immigrated to the United States when they were children, giving them a renewable 2-year waiting period for continued work visas. He got rid of it.

The next time the eclipse point was triggered by a transit it also was Mars, from 90 degrees away at one of the “cross” points I referred to above. Boom, it happened at the critical eclipse points on January 26, 2018, the exact day that Donald Trump made a ridiculous proposal to Congress to allow 1.8 million “Dreamers” stay in America in exchange for 25 billion dollars to build a wall between Mexico and the United States. There was also the provision that there would be no more “chain” immigration (the trickling of whole families in).

And then some time passed without triggers. On October 31, 2018, Mercury passed the eclipse degree in Scorpio and we saw Trump wildly campaigning against allowing immigrants over the border in Mexico.

On November 4thto the 8th, transiting Jupiter made it to the eclipse point and stayed there for four days (same place that Mars was at in January), and that is when the migrant caravan entered Mexico with the intention of crossing into the U.S., and made its announcement in time to effect change at the polls on voting day.

On November 15, the first of the people participating in the caravan arrived in Tijuana Mexico and set up camp. Transiting Mars had on that day arrived at another side of the eclipse point, in opposition to it.

And finally, at this time at the end of November, we have small and meek Mercury (like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz) moving backwards from early Sagittarius, and back into Scorpio. On Dec 2 Mercury will be on the eclipse point at 29 degrees Scorpio (part of the cross), and on Dec 12 Mercury will be on that point going forward. In between, when Mercury makes its turnaround point on Dec 6, it will be on the point where the Moon is in the United States horoscope called the Sibley chart.

I want to emphasize that I didn’t skip any planets that connected with the eclipse, except for the Moon, which does it four times in a month. I counted 7 times and it was always the immigration issue which came up. It was also always the exact degree, not just “sort of”nearby.

That degree is also Trump’s own Ascendant (the point in his chart where the Sun would rise) on that eclipse point, so he is an integral part of what is playing out..

Of course there could be other things which occur over the next two weeks, but my guess is that it is very much about these people camped on the border. I was present at the eclipse last August, and though I don’t allow myself to live in fear of unwanted events, I know that the eclipse was a powerful portent, to be taken seriously. This is not a sermon but I feel the need to say “let us pray”. Blessings to all.

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