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Winter Solstice

On the winter solstice of this year, the Sun will move into Capricorn just a little while after Saturn moves into Capricorn. It will be 8:39am in the morning at our winter solstice here in Sacramento, California. The chart for that moment is called the Winter Ingress chart, and it can be used to predict what sorts of things California will encounter for the winter season, or even for the coming year. It is a rather dramatic chart this time around, not only because the Sun and Saturn are together, but because the chart for Sacramento has both Mars and Pluto landing on the angles. This can suggest important events related to the energies of those planets. It can mean either dramatic reform bills being put into place (for instance new gun laws), or it can mean a natural or humanly caused disaster.

The conjunction of Sun with Saturn only lasts for that one day that it occurs. Saturn moves slowly but the Sun moves rapidly. However, it is an important day if it is December 21, since the chart remains in effect at least until the Spring Ingress. In the meantime, on January 31, 2018, a lunar eclipse at 11 Leo (Sun at 11 Aquarius) is in exact square to the Midheaven of that winter ingress chart. Any lunation that is in strong relation with the angles of the ingress chart can be a trigger for events which describe or fulfill the nature of the chart. So, expect something dramatic in February for California. I am not predicting doom and gloom, but on the other hand, it seems that it is what we’ve been getting lately. It wouldn’t hurt to stock up on resources.

As for me, I am excited about having Saturn move into Capricorn, because it means it is only 2 ½ years away until it moves into Aquarius. When it goes into Aquarius, it arrives there with Jupiter, and I mean on the spot, both of them moving into 0 Aquarius on December 21, so beautifully present in the winter solstice chart of 2020. Though some people say that the age of Aquarius is still 300 years or so away, I do believe that this configuration of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius will bring the first taste of a true “New Age”. Two and a half years isn’t long to wait for that, even if it means cinching in our belts for a while and experiencing some want. So many of us in California have only known abundance and easy access in our lives, and are hard pressed to understand why anything should be any different from what it is right now. But something different always comes.

At Christmas-time I always think of the Christmas star. The story of the three wise men is my favorite part of the Bethlehem story. I like to imagine just how those Chaldean astrologers came to agreement about the importance of the “moving star”, which was certainly the alignment of the planets Saturn and Jupiter in Pisces. That alignment heralded the age of Pisces, the age which we are currently fishing…. uh, I mean, finishing. Now we are going to fish in wider waters, perhaps in the stars of the universe.

I would like to wish peace to all of you at this time of year and always. Everything we do on earth must be done with love and for the greater good. Otherwise, why are we here? Why do we even try? If we wish to proceed into the greater creation of ourselves as a whole, we must work to bring greater equity, especially to our young people. Energetically, this cannot be executed or even conceived through fascism or enforced socialism. It must come from the base of our hearts. It must be desired, dreamed, and organically built from the interiors of our homes to the exterior shapes of our governments. That is what true peace on earth will look like someday.

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