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About Me

I am a professional astrologer here to help you find a greater understanding of your inner and outer self through the reflection in your horoscope.

      Since childhood I have loved to look at the night sky and ponder on the planets.  I instinctively knew that there was a resonance between the  movement of the planets and our own feelings and actions in life.  Over time and through much study I've developed the gift of understanding how the horoscope reflects the most profound aspects of ourselves, and I've been able to help many people with these elucidations. These inner dimensions seen in the horoscope represent what we "bring to the table", what we have to offer, and what we "work with", individually and with others.  It is not fate which I see in the horoscope, but our own ability to find direction, self-esteem, and creativity.

 I've studied under the tutelage of one of the greatest living astrologers, Noel Tyl, and I've learned so much from him and many other astrologers. I recently earned a BA in Social Science, which helped me acquire a greater understanding of the human situation in life.

 I have written a book to help those studying astrology to approach the horoscope as a study of our key emotions.  My book, "Emotional Dimensions of Astrology" is published by the American Federation of Astrologers, one of the earliest founders in the U.S. for astrological credentials and publishing. 

  Currently I am the secretary for the NCGR chapter of astrology in the Sacramento area in California, and I live with my husband in the foothills of the great Sierra Nevada mountains.  We enjoy 7 grandchildren, though they are growing up way too fast.

For those who want to see my horoscope, I was born October 23, 1950 in Bakersfield, California at 8:40 in the morning.

My Services


Most astrologers today use the word "consultations" to describe what they do.  I prefer the word "elucidation" because the task I've given myself is to shine a light on the subject of you, and I promise that it will not be a harsh or glaring light.  I will share with you what the horoscope suggests about the inherent energies within your life, and how the choice for positive expression will lead to your unique creativity.  I will not try to teach you astrology.  I am the translator.  Please know it is important for me to have your correct birth time, preferably from a birth certificate.  We can phone or Skype, but any recording is your responsibility.  I am not a psychic nor a medium, but I consider myself an adept intuitive of our deeper connection with the sky around us.

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Introductory elucidation


This is a short 20 minute reading by phone or face-time, etc., in which I talk about what I see in your horoscope and why it is so important to you.  I offer this so that you can discover for yourself if I know what I am talking about, and whether or not I am your sort of person.  If you decide to do a life reading after this, the $25.00 will be deducted from the $150.00 The 20 minute sample is not designed to be used for quick questions regarding your current circumstances.  Thanks for understanding.  Please continue to Services page to pay.


Life Elucidation

$150.00....   Special discount now through June of 2021: $100.00

A life reading always includes some mention of the dynamics in your early home. I can see these things in your horoscope and I will ask you about them, because they are the foundation of your early feelings which contribute so much to everything you do and all that you are.  We will  talk about the suggestions of challenges and promises within your life, and how these emotional forces have propelled or hindered your desire to live your life fully, to love, create, and contribute.   Life-readings include your current life events, motives, and future goals, and take about one hour on the phone or Skype.  I do not record our time together, but you may.  Please contact me and then continue to the Services page to pay. 


Astrology ever after


If you have already had a life-reading with me, then you may make an appointment to continue our elucidation work on your journey called life.  There are ever newer and richer versions of ourselves.  Things happen.  Sometimes we grow wildly or we instead feel stuck in decisions we didn't really want to make.  A review is good, especially to take stock around our birthday every year.  Please contact me then continue to the Services page to pay. 

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In depth relationships


If you have already had a life reading with me, then you can make an appointment for an in-depth discussion about your relationship with another person.  This requires the other person's birth time, not just their birth date.  We will be basing this elucidation on your experience of the other person, and not my judgement of them.   As always, I do not judge or ever divulge any personal information.  Please contact me then continue to the Services page to pay.

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Contact Me

Please email me to request a reading, and I will reply within 24 hours.  If you have simple questions about what exactly I do, or about your form of payment, I will try and answer your questions, but please do not share long, involved information about yourself in the email, because it does not help anything.  We may need to speak on the phone before our actual time together (or not).  After you email me, I will give you my phone number.  Blessings to all with love.