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The last pandemic and the next one

Well, here we are in another pandemic, without much preparation for such a thing. In my last blog I promised to discuss money if the world did not beat me to it, but the world did beat me to it. As humans, we do not have great foresight, even after experiencing similar problems in the past. When things get weird, we call them surreal. Now it has gotten too surreal and too weird.

In 1918, between January and November of that year, the Spanish flu travelled around the world and killed millions of people. Millions. Yes, some of that was because our medical equipment and knowledge was not yet advanced enough to manage it. However, that particular virus was said to kill the young and the strong because their immune systems over-reacted to the attack and caused more trouble than the virus itself. Perhaps today we would have the drugs to stop such severe reaction, but we didn’t have it back then. The nature of a killer virus is to keep one step ahead of our responses. And so it goes.

Astrologically speaking, we could go in many directions with a comparison here. If I were to give a complete “compare and contrast” it would take too long and be too boring, so I won’t do it, but I would start with the very important solar eclipse on August 21, 1914, which, interestingly enough, is the same day of the month as the eclipse in the U.S. in 2017. In 1914, the Sun and Moon were at 27 degrees of Leo, and in 2017 the Sun and Moon were at 29 degrees Leo (or almost). That eclipse back then was a precursor eclipse for WWI, especially since it went across Russia where the Russian Empire was imploding, and it was also incidentally the solar eclipse at which Albert Einstein made measurements to prove his earth-shattering theory of relativity. Important stuff was happening in our world. Horrible stuff as well.

Not all astrologers look very far forward of an eclipse to predict or study correlations, but most astrologers admit that relevance can be seen for up to three years after an important eclipse. We are yet within that range of 3 years from the significant eclipse across our country in 2017 as this pandemic occurs. You may remind me that it is not only the U.S. which is suffering from the pandemic, and that would be true, because eclipses do not point only to the country in which they occur, but to the whole world.

Imagine if we had actually entered into WWIII this year when the Saturn and Pluto made its conjunction in January and we all held our collective breaths while Iran bombed the Al Asad airbase in Iraq, and we watched it stop short of killing people. Would there still have been this pandemic if there had been the onset of war? Would we have called off the war so that we could all shelter in place, or would we have suffered unbelievable destruction in all ways at once, like we did at the end of WWI? Surely a WWIII would not need to last very long to cause unimaginable destruction in this world.

Many of the more esoteric astrologers today are mentioning that since this flu is attacking our ability to breath easily, it is a reminder (and a karmic payback) for damaging the air in which we live. It was the same in 1918, when an estimated 80,000 soldiers had already died from the deliberate gas attacks in the trenches, and then the Spanish flu hit more lungs in yet another version of destruction during the last part of that war. We seem to pay the price for human behavior no matter who is innocent and who carries more guilt for the occurrence.

I will post a chart for June of 1918 which was the peak of the Spanish flu in the U.S and elsewhere. You can see that Jupiter was in Gemini (the lungs) conjunct to the lunar nodal axis (the people), and that it is square to Mars in Virgo, the other sign ruled by Mercury (breathing). Next to Jupiter and Mars, but not shown here, are two asteroids that suggest the widespread nature of that reality. Asteroid Panacea was next to Jupiter. Funny, but not ha ha funny, because Panacea means a cure for everything. Next to Mars was asteroid Poseidon, which, if you know the myth, suggests the god of the ocean seeking his revenge upon those who do not honor the delicate balance of nature. As the oceans go, so goes the world. As the collective goes, so goes the world.

The last thing I would like to communicate here, and this is my own foresight which may indeed not pan out, but which I have no qualms about sharing and being wrong. It’s worth is only as a projection of my own imagination.

There will be another total solar eclipse across the United States in May of 2024. The location in the U.S. which is the crossing point of that eclipse and the preceding eclipse in 2017 is close to Fort Riley Army base in Kansas. X marks that area. Fort Riley is the place in the world where the outbreak of the Spanish flu was first recorded, because it was the center for deployed and returning soldiers from the trenches in Europe. It is where the soldiers congregated and recovered from their injuries…and also brought home the flu.

Here is my projection. The size of that Army base is larger than 150 square miles. That is 150 miles on each side. If the United States started building facilities right now on that location, in 5 or 6 years, if there was another pandemic of a virus that was also not easily controllable, we could ship every patient to that location and get them out of the tightly populated areas. Kansas is not likely to be a densely populated area for some time yet. Not far from that Fort Riley location, about a 40 minute driving distance, is the University of Nebraska at Omaha center for contagion and quarantine, which is one of the location where the Princess Cruise line patients were first sent back at the end of February this year. In the meantime, that University might concentrate on preparedness.

So, literally, I am recommending this action of preparation, though I guess the government can figure it out for themselves. Another virus in a few years could confound us again. The more we populate the world, the more viruses will attack the population. It is inevitable. What we want to avoid is the hard feelings about who is restricted and why. Having those hard feelings upon us is, in my opinion, deadlier than any virus that kills. People who are not content, people who are not able to express the small freedoms which they so cherish and need, will not just wither away, they will rebel and explode. We already know this, but we do not learn easily. Humans have little foresight. Hindsight is easier, but it is only helpful when we use it to prepare for a better future.

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