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Wholly Writ

It’s been months and months since I’ve last written a blog here on my website. There are reasons why which are mostly excuses, but now I feel compelled to talk about the Mercury in the fire signs situation once again. As per my last blog, the last and perhaps strongest Mercury retrograde in fire, will occur this year beginning on November 17thand lasting all the way till Christmas (if you count the time it takes to get back to where it was before it went retrograde, and we usually do).

It has seemed like a long year already to me in some ways, with so much growth of political opinion and fervor, to the point at which some of us no longer feel as if it is safe for us to say what we think, especially if we have both liberal and conservative friends and acquaintances. People are forming themselves into the groups which support extreme positions, and everyone who does not choose a side is considered a wiennie.

Mercury and Jupiter recently made a conjunction two days ago on Monday October 29that the 27thdegree of Scorpio. Mercury with Jupiter is the “publishing” combination, the information that gets out there, maybe not the most needed information, but the information that many will want to hear just for the sheer shock value. Today on Halloween we find out that on Monday in Rome, a construction crew found human bones on property belonging to the Vatican. It was in the news this morning briefly, but this Scorpio news on Halloween caught my attention, probably for its tabloid content (yes, I’m pretty human).

Two years ago a woman named Mariam Wuolou who was Pope Francis’ personal secretary was found dead in her apartment near the Vatican. You will not find any images of her online, but the word is that she was a very beautiful South American woman at age 34. She was estranged from her husband and having an affair with a Vatican policeman, and she was 7 months pregnant at the time of death. The story goes that her doctor put her on rest for diabetes (thus the needles in her room), and when she was found dead, the Vatican confiscated her medical records and the syringes in her room, and were the ones to order the autopsy and of course control the results.

My first thoughts back in 2016 were… what the heck was a Pope doing hiring this woman to be his personal secretary, a pretty thing to bring his morning mail and coffee, etc.?...unless of course he had to do it to keep her quiet because she knew something that she was not supposed to know.

Now, neither of these two cases are related. We await to hear who the bones dug up on Monday once belonged to, though we cannot be sure it will be the truth, because the Vatican is much like the Mafia I think. The transiting planet Uranus is currently conjunct to Pope Francis’ Midheaven, suggesting that he could make a sudden downfall from grace, loose his good reputation among many. He already is blamed by many for knowing too much about sexual abuse without managing any retribution.

I bring all this up because Mercury in Sagittarius is very much about religious opinion, and of course goes with feelings of strong personal opinion about anything, such as politics, the areas about which we become sensitive and fanatical. On December 21, at the Winter solstice, Mercury and Jupiter will once again be conjunct, this time at 9 degrees Sagittarius. The Winter solstice is quite significant in mundane matters because as a horoscope it suggests the energy ahead of us collectively for the whole season until the Spring equinox. It is a bit different for every area of the world. I, for one, am hoping for better overall journalism, complete stories which give at least some pertinent information. I would like to see investigative reporting be routine once again.

I stepped outside my house the other day, thinking that I would take photos of our English Walnut tree which had turned into a flaming gold cloud puff, and instead I looked up and saw this gorgeous feather in the sky with a line underscoring it (yes, a chem-trail). I just knew it was a personal message to me, to begin writing my next book, because it is time. I pulled up a chart for the exact moment on October 26, and Mercury and Jupiter were three degrees apart and straddling the Midheaven. Message to me. Write.

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